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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Above Ground Pools Prices Page Has Moved!

The Above Ground Pools Prices webpage has moved to a new page.

For strategic reasons, the Above Ground Pools Prices page was moved to a new location, and even though it now has a new look and feel, it still lists some of the best prices on brand new above ground pools and pool supplies (many of these Above Ground Pools include FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the U.S. and still has better prices than most of the competition , visit the webpage for details).

If you decide to visit the webpage, take a minute and leave a comment or rate the page... Because to me... Your Opinion Matters. :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Brave Movie Too Much Advertising?

It looks like the new Disney movie Brave is getting a lot of advertising early on and I'm hoping that the media is not getting too saturated with it.

What do I mean by that?

I'll be glad to see plenty of advertising for the movie before it's release on June 22, 2012, but I hope they don't release so many trailers and information about the movie that people will not enjoy it because they show all of the best parts in the trailers.

I'm still sure that the Disney Pixar Brave movie will be the best animated movie of 2012, I don't doubt that, I just hope that Disney don't over advertise to the point of giving away all of the good parts before the movie is even released.

I think Disney should back off some of the picture releases and trailers now until the movie is released.

Anyway, I just finished watching a video of the real life Merida character at the Epcot center, she looks pretty good and I think she will do okay.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brave - The Best Disney Pixar Movie Of 2012

Just when you think Pixar and Disney have run out of great movie ideas, they end up creating another blockbuster movie titled "Brave".

Brave is sure to be a big winner with all Disney Pixar movie fans and will definitely be a big hit with the teenage girl population as this will be the first Disney movie where the main character is portrayed as a teenage girl that is determined to be her own women.

This story is not centered around a romance as many Disney Pixar movies are, but instead it's all about the relationship of this young Princess Merida and her mother Queen Elinor.

With great graphics and animation by Disney Pixar, Brave will be one of those 3D animated movies that will not only delight the audience, but will pull them into a seemingly realistic medieval Scottish countryside and convince them that what they are watching is a realistic adventure.

If you want to learn more about the new "Brave" movie, see the trailers, pre-order the Brave video games or even check out the lifesize cut-out Brave party supplies, then click the link below and see if you agree that this movie will be The Best Disney Movie Of 2012 - Brave.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The New Social Media

The Starving Affiliate has recently enrolled in a new type of Social Media that sounds like a great platform when compared to Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

This new Social Media platform is called "Zurker" and stands out from the others listed above by providing a great Social Media experience along with the option of actually owning a share in the company.

Zurker being a newer type of Social Media, is run by it's users, and in a sense is owned by them too, creating the first democratic style Social Media Platform.

This new form of online communication is a little different than many in the past as it caters to the users, as they are the ones making the decisions about which changes should be made, features to be added and the over all atmosphere of this democratic interactive website.

After signing up with Zurker, you have an option at anytime to purchase what is known as vShares.

Because Zurker is still in it's Beta stage, owning vShares are not the same as owning shares of stock, but are more like notes of interest in the company.

After Zurker's user base has reached a million users, the company will commence in creating stocks for the vShares and the vShares will be transformed into Shares.

There are 2 different ways to obtain vShares, the easiest way is to have someone join Zurker using your special  link that is given to you upon signing up.

For each new sign up that is created using your link, you will receive 1 vShare (500 maximum).

The other method of obtaining vShares is to buy them at a modest price of $1.00 each.

If history really does repeat itself and Zurker takes off as well as expected, the price of the vShare could increase by more than 10 fold.

If you think Zurker is something you would like to know more about, then please use my link below and browse the Zurker website and I believe you will find that Zurker is not only a great alternative to other Social Media websites, but is also a great investment.

Please take time to verify everything in this post before purchasing any vShares by visiting Zurker and reading about the vShares and how they work, as I am not an investment broker or financial advisor of any kind.

See you at Zurker soon... The Starving Affiliate

Zurker - Investing In Your Social Future


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"I Survived 2012" T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs And More

Well, The Starving Affiliate has opened a new online store promoting "I Survived 2012" products.

This new store is my first Zazzle store and I am eager to see just how well it does.

With a cool new line of "I Survived 2012" T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, iPhone Cases, Post Cards and more, I am confident that it should do well.

If your searching for any new 2012 T-shirt or novelty items or you would just like to see how I have laid out the store, then check it out. There is a place to leave comments at the bottom of the page and any feedback is appreciated... Thanks

"I Survived 2012" T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, IPhone Cases, Post Cards

The Starving Affiliate - Big Joe

Friday, July 8, 2011

Affiliate Marketing And Your Blog

As most affiliate marketers know, one of the essentials that you need-to-succeed in any type of marketing is a blog.

You have to have a common place where you and your visitors (potential customers), can interact with each other.

You need a place where you can post information and links about the products that you have decided to promote, and your visitors need a place where they can ask questions and comment about the products.

Although, as you can tell, Blogger is one of my favorite platforms to use, there is a lot to be said about the Wordpress platform.

More people are using Wordpress everyday now, but many are finding that Wordpress is not nearly as easy to use as the Blogger platform.

While Wordpress has many advantages including more features, bells & whistles and plugins, this also makes Wordpress a lot more difficult when trying to setup a really nice blog on it.

I myself have tried setting up a blog on Wordpress and found it to be a lot harder than what I had expected (maybe I'm just a little slow).

But I did run across a great collection of video tutorials for the Wordpress blogmaster that needs some advanced training videos for Wordpress.

I haven't yet bought the videos myself but they are definitely on my list, as I have read some pretty good reviews about them and feel that for 10 different advanced videos, the price can't be beat.

Whether you use Wordpress or Blogger, If your just starting out in affiliate marketing you will definitely need a blog.

I posted a link to these videos below just in case you are interested... Thanks for reading - The Starving Affiliate.

Wordpress Advanced Video Series - The Starving Affiliate BlogAdvanced Wordpress Training - Video Series - $24.95

  • Changing a header graphic – Video (10:32)
  • Playing with CSS Style Sheets – Video (8:05)
  • Working with Code – Video (9:05)
  • Content Management CMS – Video (6:05)
  • Working with plugins – Video (10:45)
  • Posting with Blogdesk – Video (6:27)
  • Customizing your Login graphic – Video (6:34)
  • RSS uses and stats – Video (7:02)
  • 404 pages Customize your error pages – Video (8:14)
  • Widgets – Video (11:24)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Starving Affiliate - Still Starving

Well, after much thought about The Starving Affiliate blog, I have noticed how far off track I have let this blog get from the original intentions of The Starving Affiliate blog.

With the intentions of discussing aspects of affiliate marketing online and what life as an affiliate marketer is all about, I have noticed that I have only been blogging to build links and helping my other websites in SEO.

This is not what I originally had in mind for this blog and from this post forward I will only be blogging about the affiliate marketers ups and downs.

Although I will still be putting a few affiliate links in my posts along the way, they will be centered around affiliate marketing tools, books and resources that I sincerely feel will help the newbie to affiliate marketing.

I will also be posting about my current status as an affiliate marketer and some of the bumps and hurdles that I encounter along the way.

Admittedly I am no guru of affiliate marketing myself and still have much to learn, I am hoping to spark some good discussions on this blog with many successful affiliates that may be able to share some of their experiences and insights to the success of their affiliate business with us all.

Also in this post I would like to sincerely apologize to all of my readers and followers if they had reached this blog looking for answers that I did not provide due to my posts being strayed off the intended path.

If this is your first visit here, and you browse through my earlier posts you will notice that I started off trying to help the new affiliate and then I slowly turned these posts into ones that are only helping my own websites.

Again I apologize for this selfishness and will start staying focused on The Starving Affiliate's main goal - Helping The New Affiliate Marketer.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Best Brand Of Computer Review Tutorial

Well, the best brand of PC hardware Squidoo lens just got an update, Just added the "The Best Brand Of Computer Review Tutorial"  I think it went pretty good and is a very good indicator of the best brand of computer.

I also believe this lens gives a very good analysis of how to quickly determine the best brand of anything, as this method is truly relying on these 2 things.

1. Majority Of Action - Best Selling

This shows that the majority of people are buying this product, which indicates a good brand.

2. Word Of Mouth - Average Customer Reviews (Actual Users Of The Product)

Word of mouth has been around forever, and knowing that actual people that own the product (instead of marketers or salesman) are letting you know their experiences with the item is valuable information to use when deciding on purchasing a product whether it is a computer or anything else.

With both of these being combined as the basis for analysis, it is a great way to determine fairly accurately which is the Best Brand Of Computer or any other product.

If you haven't had a chance to see the review, or if you are considering buying new computer components, then take a few minutes and visit the lens now.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 Tips To Buying A Cheap Computer To Upgrade For Gaming

Here are 3 tips to buying a cheap computer and building it into a gaming system.

  1. When shopping for a cheap computer to upgrade to a gaming system, the most important thing to consider is the case. The size of the case is really all that matters in the beginning, because when your done that is the only component of your computer that is still the original.

    Having a full tower case is the best way to start as you will have plenty of room to work with when upgrading, plus it will be easier to keep your computer components cool because there will be more area for air flow.

  2. The next piece of computer hardware that you want to focus on is the motherboard, putting your money into a motherboard early on is a great way to get started, but make sure that you use as much of your cheap computer components as you can. If the new motherboard will support the cheap memory then use it until you have the money to upgrade.

    If you can get a good motherboard that has onboard video (integrated), then you will be able to use this until you have the money to invest in a good graphics card, it may take a little while depending on your budget, but it will be well worth it. When choosing your motherboard, make sure it supports plenty of memory, has more than 1 PCIe slots and supports the type of processor that you are planning to use.

    If the motherboard supports the cheap processor, use it until you can afford a new one, if not you may have to get your motherboard and processor at the same time.

  3. By swapping out computer parts over time, you will have a great gaming computer and you will not have to absorb the cost for it all at once. Just remember that starting with the case and then the motherboard, will set the foundation for your new Gaming System.

    Then all you have to think about is upgrading your monitor, keyboard and mouse... :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Post Office Holidays Webpage - Is Not Closing

"Post Office Holidays Webpage Stays Open"

While many post offices are closing and many postal workers will be looking for a job, The Post Office Holidays webpage will remain open.

The Post Office Holidays webpage is still going to be providing information about when many post offices and banks will be closed for the holidays and also providing links to some of the most used services that the U.S. Postal Service offers.

It is a shame to see that the Postal Service that has been delivering our mail for almost 200 years now, has also had losses for the last four years.

It seems that the even the most solid organization such as our Post Offices are suffering through these hard times. But there is good news too..

It seems that even with the Google Panda Algorithm, many online affiliate marketers are still profiting and many that wasn't before Google's Updates.

With many online merchandisers offering free shipping on a vast amount of products today, the smart affiliates are taking advantage of this by promoting these products and creating a strong call to action to the free shipping.

This is great for the affiliate marketer, and for the merchants that are using the U.S. Postal Service as their primary shipping method, thanks for supporting such a great service.

To see when Post Office Holidays are, and when many banks will be closed, visit the Post Office Holidays webpage and do your part to help our Postal Service through these hard times.